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Mosquitos as Severe Health Hazards to Humans and Pets


Mosquito bites are irritating and can lead to uncomfortable sleepless nights. They are a cause of unnecessary nuisance. Mosquitoes do not only cause discomfort, but they also cause many mild to serious diseases. Getting mosquito control in Sunland Park is necessary to lead a comfortable and healthy life. Mosquito control treatments are crucial to save your family from these flying blood-sucking pests.

mosquito control in Sunland Park

Mosquitoes are a health hazard for humans

There is no doubt about the fact that mosquitoes are a disgusting blood draining annoyance. They are also the cause of such severe diseases that cannot be overlooked. Mosquitos carry some of the world’s deadliest diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever. Recently, The United States has seen an increase in chikungunya and zika virus. It is important to remember that both these diseases are mosquito-borne.

The mosquito-borne disease encephalitis is widespread globally in differing forms. The survivors of this disease are left with permanent physical and mental disabilities, but they are few, to begin with, due to the disease’s high mortality rate.

Mosquitoes are dangerous for pets

Mosquito-borne canine diseases such as dog heartworm are dangerously fatal for pets. Dog heartworm occurs when parasites that are mosquito-transmitted camp and breed inside the heart of the pet. This disease affects both dogs and cats, and its mortality rate is very high. Mosquitoes also cause a variety of allergies in pets and humans alike.

Mosquito control treatments

A mosquito control treatment is crucial to get rid of these flying pests. They require fogging of chemical substances such as malathion and phenothrin in the infected building. You would want to get these fogging treatments done early in the morning since that is when these treatments work best.


Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but are also dangerous health hazards. Since mosquito-borne diseases are on the rise, getting a mosquito control treatment in your house is crucial.

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